Language and integration coaching – what is it exactly?

Quite simply, I offer you holistic coaching that is tailored to your individual needs and far exceeds the usual language training – because my experience has shown that we only really find our feet in a country when we speak and understand the language. And we can learn a language relatively quickly and easily when we tailor the training to our individual interests, available time, professional and personal circumstances, and our current vocabulary. So the question is: where are you now? Where do you want to get to? And what do you enjoy?

I offer you

Language and integration coaching for individuals

• A free-of-charge informational interview:
  getting to know one another and formulating wishes
  and objectives

• Language teaching:
  for beginners to pros

• Conversation:
  we speak as equals

• Language coaching:
  how do I overcome language inhibitions and achieve a
  confident approach to language?

• Routine in business meetings:
  certainty in a business context

• Support in everyday situations:
  how do I order correctly in a restaurant? How do I
  register my child in a school or open a bank account?


• German customs and conventions:
  what should I be aware of?

• Living and learning:
  e.g. visiting cultural functions, observing and analysing
  economic and political events together


Language and integration coaching for families

• Language training for the whole family:
  we speak German together

• Guidance for multilingual families:
  how can I maintain and pass on my mother tongue along with
  the new language?

• Language training for children and young people:
  I’m new to Germany and still need to find my feet